Security Cameras In Poultry Operations


Every day that goes by seems to bring more incidents at various points in the food chain. Either via some type of contamination, vandals, theft, bad actors that wish to disrupt the food chain or even groups that try to find fault with common practices. For these reasons and more, various government agencies are pushing to increase security at every point in the food chain.

As the industry strives to heighten security, starting with gates and fences, the logical next step is to add security cameras to your operation.

Cameras at Poultry Farms have a number of advantages. Let’s take a quick look at some examples of how cameras can help you run your operation, and not only protect your property, but hold people accountable as well.

First of all, knowing who is coming through your gate onto your property can pay off in numerous ways: Do you see a vehicle that you don’t recognize slipping onto your property to scope out what can be taken? Or is it a scheduled delivery that you need to confirm is actually happening when they say it is? Did the delivery driver cut too short and scrape a building or a piece of equipment? Did the driver fill the wrong silo? Did the propane company miss filling a tank?

Do you have employees or contractors that need to be spot checked for arriving on time or checking to see if they are cutting corners or have slipped into unsafe practices?

Would it be helpful to look at cameras in each house to check lighting, leaks, humidity, temperature or other conditions?

There are lots of other ways that a quality security camera system could not only help you to run a leaner operation, but possibly achieve better profits, or even deter thieves and vandals. Many times thieves see security cameras and decide to choose an easier target. Even if they don’t see the cameras and steal something, a good camera system can help identify thieves and their vehicles so that they can be caught and made to pay.

The key to achieving the peace of mind that security cameras can bring, is to make sure that you choose a quality system and Installer.

The first thing to look for in a good system for poultry operations, is equipment that can stand up to the harsh environment inside a poultry tunnel. The camera need to be rated as water and weatherproof (IP67 or IP68 rated), and can withstand washdowns and anything else that they may encounter in such an environment.

Next, make sure the company has been in business for at least 5 years, and that they can give you the names of other Poultry Operations that are using their equipment.

In this day of technological marvels, most security camera systems, if you have an Internet or Hot Spot connection, can let you see your operation from your phone, tablet or computer – no matter where you are in the world. This capability should not cost anything extra.

Lastly, make sure that the equipment not only comes with a good warranty, but also has Technical Assistance built in, so that if you need advice or run into any type of difficulty, that the company will be there to help you understand how to review archived footage and transfer it off to give to the authorities if you have a theft or other occurrence.

Security Cameras can help you in numerous ways. Just make sure that you are either dealing with a Manufacturer or a Dealer that is reputable.

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