There is a lot of money lying around in your shop in the family of tools, welders, drill press, plasma cutters and cutting torches. Protect your high value tools and equipment with a security package. You may also have one or more tractors, 4-wheelers, UTVs, boats or other expensive farm equipment stored there.

Your property is worth protecting with security. Many times your shop and building is too far from your house or you are unable to trench wire to it so the following cases will show stand-alone security systems to protect your buildings and equipment.

Call us and tell us about your building and we can customize any package or design an entirely different security system that is customized to protect your property. There is no charge for our engineering or design services.

Original price was: $4,528.00.Current price is: $3,622.40.

Pre-Packaged Systems

6 Camera Home & Barn Package

Original price was: $4,364.00.Current price is: $3,491.20.

Pre-Packaged Systems

8 Camera Homestead & Package

Original price was: $4,670.00.Current price is: $3,736.00.
barn security cameras

This farm chose the Homestead” digital surveillance package because they had an office area to lock up the DVR and camera power supply. (See 3rd example below if you need a hidden system.)

This system covers all of their high value equipment and storage areas. The only change they made was to add a wireless router with a directional antenna, so that they could monitor the system from the house (approximately 400-500 feet away).

If you can get a CAT 5 cable underground to the building, we can easily locate the master components at your house (as in the second example).

This farm chose the “Homestead II” package to monitor all of the buildings on the property. The only changes made were to replace the 4 of the 100’ cables with CAT 5 network cable that they buried between the buildings and they added converters to each end of the wire to connect from coax to CAT 5 cable.

We can customize any security package to fit your situation or design a new system an package price it for affordability.

Homestead Security Cameras