Barn & Foaling Cameras

Barn and Foaling Cameras are an important part of overall equestrian care. Foaling Cameras and sick horse watch cameras are essential to farm monitoring but they are not the only cctv farm security that is needed. Monitoring to make sure that the horses are not injuring themselves or other horses and foals is also an important part of good equestrian management. You will also need to protect your property against malicious acts by vandals or intruders.

Many small and large horse facilities have discovered the benefit of monitoring and documenting their horses’ behaviors and habits. Foaling CamerasRe-playing the horse video footage to study behavior and habits, or to show your vet how a horse is acting or responding is a handy tool to have when providing adequate care for your horses.

Many of our customers have had to show the authorities archived footage of vandalism, malicious acts or even unwanted animals repeatedly on their property and/or harming their livestock. Having archived video footage from their digital video recorder proved what was occurring and in many cases solved a mystery that would have never been discovered without their farm cctv equipment.

The following case studies outline several of the horse and livestock facilities we have designed farm security systems for in the past few years.

Tell us about your property and your protection or monitoring needs, and we will modify an existing packaged system, or even design a custom system that will accomplish what you need. Our design services are FREE.

horse cameras

Simple Barn Camera System

This farm installed a stand-alone system in their horse barn and they monitor it from the house via a wireless router. They installed the 8 cameras “Stable Watch” farm security system to keep track of visitors, children and employees. They also have cameras and audio microphones in each stall to monitor the horses and also provide foal cctv monitoring duties.

This cctv farm security system features our “Vertex” digital DVR which allows them to monitor the horses from anywhere including a handheld PDA. Archived footage can be retrieved via the internet or transferred to a CD or DVD disk for long-term retention or study.

Barn Stall Cameras

This farm chose our “Foal Watch” system to provide real-time monitoring and recording of their horses and their behaviors. In this case, the digital video recorder and monitor are in their house and the cameras use CAT 5 cable buried out to the stables to transmit video back to the DVR. They also installed an additional monitor in the office/lounge part of the barn. The camera power supply is also located there.

We can configure the system in about anyway you can imagine to accomplish your goals.

horse cameras
horse ranch cameras

Ranch Security System

This 10 acre farm chose the “Home and Horse Package” to monitor entrances to their house, driveway, horse barn, stalls, shop and equipment barn.

They also upgraded the DVR to a 16 channel unit to provide room for adding additional camera is the future as their needs grow. They plan to add camera in the future to provide protection for their tools and equipment in the barn, as well as monitoring a portion of the pasture and maybe even a pool area when the build it later.


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