Homestead Security Camera Systems to Protect Your Way of Life

When it comes to protecting your homestead, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Every property has its own layout, sight holes and distances. That’s why we’ve designed our Homestead Security Systems to allow for the most flexibility as possible.

However, there are some similarities that make it possible to quickly customize one of our pre-assembled security camera packages to adequately protect the areas you are most concerned about. Below are some case studies for examples.

Original price was: $4,528.00.Current price is: $3,622.40.

Pre-Packaged Systems

6 Camera Home & Barn Package

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Pre-Packaged Systems

8 Camera Homestead & Package

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Homestead Security System

Homestead Security Camera Package

Here is a recent example of a farm that employs our“Homestead” security package to monitor their property.

This family employs the “Homestead” security system to protect their property. They upgraded the Driveway camera to a long distance infrared camera that illuminates the driveway area out to a distance greater than 200’. This helps to provide early warning of intruders and detects them at a greater distance. 

The “Homestead” surveillance package is pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-programmed so that installation is truly Plug and Play, and the digital recorder powers up, starts recording and provide live viewing immediately. If you wish, we can program the security systems to record when motion is detected before it leaves the factory. A Quick Guide is provided that allows you to change any setting yourself from either your home or from any computer in the world in just a few seconds. In fact, the system can be controlled from any computer at any time.

This farm surveillance system can also notify you by email if someone approaches, opens a door or gate, or even if loud sounds are detected (system has audio – must purchase microphone).

Homestead security package

Here is an example of a farm that uses the Homestead Package with a couple of upgrades. This system covers with 6 cameras, and it is expandable to 8 cameras at any time by simply purchasing additional cameras and plugging them in. The digital recorder and the camera power supply is already configured fro the additional cameras when you see the need to add them.

Tell us your layout or situation and we will modify or customize any package as needed. We can also design a system entirely to your needs and package price it. We do not charge for the engineering or design service. 


Homestead Security Cameras