Granary Security Cameras


Many farms, ranches and co-ops have on-site granaries, mixing plants and bulk storage facilities and find the need granary security cameras. We have been designing more and more digital surveillance systems for monitoring these facilities, especially in the past few years. Farmers and business owners alike are protecting their facilities from theft and tampering with the food chain (Homeland security is advising farmers to restrict access and/or monitor these facilities).

They also use cameras to monitor processes, problem areas or legs prone to back-up or malfunction, and focusing on temperature and process read-outs from garages and controls. This type of system also allows them to monitor loading and unloading and to keep a record of all trucks that come to the facility.

Here are a couple of case studies of the digital surveillance systems we have designed for graineries and bulk storage facilities.

granary Security cameras

Homestead Security

This farm in Ohio chose our “Homestead” Package because it fit their needs. They opted to change the pre-made cables option to a spool of cable and connectors, tools, etc (available as an option for any pre-packaged security system).

They employ two of the infrared cameras in the loading/unloading shed (one for each side of the truck – front and rear). They also look at the trucks on the old scales to record truck numbers. One camera is in the office looking at process read-outs to have a records of amounts, temperatures, etc.

Granary Security System

This farm in Kansas uses our “Securi-Cabinet” digital covert surveillance system in their control house, where it blends right in with their control box housings and switch gear breaker panels.

The digital surveillance camera system is an 8 channel unit, and they are currently using 6 cameras to monitor their facility and processes.

Cameras 1 and 2 are placed in the control house to monitor who has entered and when and to look at process read-outs.

Cameras 3 and 4 look at loading sites from approximately 20 feet high. Camera #5 records all trucks unloading and captures their truck # and information. Camera #6 is placed on top of the tower for an unobstructed view of the entire facility.

Tell us your layout or situation and we will modify or customize any package as needed. We can also design a system entirely to your needs and package price it. We do not charge for the engineering or design service.

granary security cameras