Gate and Driveway Security Cameras


Monitoring driveways and gates that are a long distance from your house or business requires either a stand-alone system at the gate, a buried cable out to the gate or a wireless transmitter and receiver set up. All of these solutions require power at the gate or close by. In some cases a solar panel and storage battery system can be used.

Sometimes, when the gate is within 200-300 feet and is visible from the house, a camera with a long distance lens can be used. For longer distances, you may be forced to get some cable in the ground to transmit the footage back to your house.

Wireless can be used, but there must be a clear line-of-sight between the transmitter and receiver. This means that there are no trees or buildings in the way, or that the antennas must be mounted on a tower or pole that is above the trees.

The following are multiple examples of how our customers have accomplished this.

Long Distance Gate Security Camera

This farm and ranch operation chose to bury wire between their home and the gate (approximately 650 feet away). They did not have electricity at the gate, so they used a 24V AC Infrared Camera (our Long Range Super Infrared). Since 12V DC can’t go very far under high amperage loads, such as powering and infrared camera, this high power camera lights up the entire entrance area with extremely bright, but invisible light.

If there is power at the gate, we can run CAT 5 cable for the video portion up to a mile or more.

Remote Gate Security Camera System

The ranch had power at the gate, but had too many trees in the way as well as rocky soil that made it too difficult to trench. They also had mountainous terrain that made it impossible to transmit wirelessly (no line-of-sight).

The owners were have trouble with unauthorized hunting, fishing and trash dumping.

They installed on 4 channel DVR with 2 cameras into a ventilated box on a pole at the entrance. A wireless router allows them to review footage of all entries from their vehicle with a laptop over the internet. One camera is mounted on top of the pole for good overviews during the day and night. The camera is mounted low looking at the rear license plates.

Wireless Gate Security Camera

This farm needed to keep track of trucks self-loading materials at 2 pits on their property, a gravel pit and a sand pit.

The gate is located about a mile and a half from the house where the foreman lives. Rocky terrain prevented trenching wire in the ground.

We provided a day/night infrared camera and a high-power 2.4 GHz transmitter/receiver set-up that transmits video back to the house.

The system is set up to record only on motion. The cameras can quickly review an entire weeks’ worth of vehicle entries in just a few minutes. They use the video to ensure correct reporting by the companies using the pits, and by the on-site foreman.

Long Range Multi-Camera Security System

This farm house is located a little more than a mile from the gate at the highway. The farm has electricity at the gate, and the sandy land conditions made it easy to trench with a cable plow to get CAT 5 bury-able wire between the gate and house. The wire was put in at the same time as the phone lines, and by the same trencher.

We configured a system of 2 cameras on a pole. The owners used one of the CAT 5 pairs for opening and closing the gate.


Call us today about your needs, and our design engineers will create a system that will help protect your property and business.