Security Cameras for Commercial and Local Dairy Farms


When it comes to monitoring and protecting dairy operations there are a lot of things to consider, such as monitoring herds to ensure the animals’ health and well being, security and protection of their people, equipment and property, and bio security (protecting against disease, toxins, etc.)

Cattle CCTV has become a top priority for many farmer owners. Having calf cameras and cattle surveillance in place will help protect your business and investment.

Many dairy operations are following the industry recommendations for security, such as monitoring and recording visitors, deliveries and service provides to ensure that the food chain is protected from a variety of possible threats and/or tampering.


The following case studies of customers with dairy operations will provide some examples of the monitoring systems we have designed in the past.

Local Dairy Farm Cameras

This dairy operation has installed a custom designed digital monitoring and protection system with 16 cameras so far. They see the need to add additional cameras in the future, especially when they add on to the operation in a few years.

The security system uses central power supplies in each building to power the cameras. CAT 5 cables carry the video from each location back to the milk house for storage and retrieval.

This system is monitored from the foreman’s house (not pictured) and from the owner’s home via the internet. In the milk house the cameras provide a general overview, as well as several small format cameras that look at temperature and other gauges for monitoring and documentation. The feed barn and milking barn monitors have cameras that provide general views of each barn and area, and also monitors the flow of cows between barns.

Commercial Dairy Farm Cameras

This farm has a common layout similar to many farms. They chose a 16 camera system with our 16 Channel DVR and plan to add another 16 channel DVR in the future.

Both of the systems can be monitored on one screen on the network or Internet. In fact, this company has other dairy operations and they are able to view all the cameras from all of the sites on one screen simultaneously.

Tell us your layout or situation and we will modify or customize any package as needed. We can also design a system entirely to your needs and package price it. We do not charge for the engineering or design service.